Serene Putter Craz - E Too (Lady)
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The Serene putters feature variable-groove-depth technology. PING's extensive studies show a significant increase in ball-speed consistency when measured at nine points across the face insert. The grooves are deepest in the center, and get gradually shallower out to the perimeter of the insert, ensuring predictable distances and accurate results, even when the ball is struck toward the heel or toe.

  • The insert is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and provides a crisp feel and sound similar to a traditional steel face.
  • Perimeter weighting in the stainless steel heads and a well-balanced geometry add to forgiveness.
  • PING® AVS Serene grip by Winn®.


Don't Change Your Stroke – Change Your Putter. PING® has tested hundreds of players both on and off the Tour over the years and overwhelming scientific evidence shows you will putt more consistently with a putter that's balance matches your stroke type. To help classify your stroke type PING® has classified every putter into one of three stroke types; Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc Stroke Types. Your stroke is determined by your closing angle and the amount your putter face rotates during the forward stroke.

  • Straight: Face Rotation of < 3.5° - Strong Arc: Face Rotation of > 7.5° - Slight Arc: Face Rotation of 3.5° to 7.5°.